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is a Woman interested in a Man for: Fetish, Groupsex, Sexual relations, Online flirting, Other
My Details
Age / Gender:46 / Woman
Location:Sarasota, Florida
Body Type:Full
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorOther
IncomeTell You Later
ProfessionTell You Later
Marital StatusMarried

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about me

See I have a plan too!!!! Must like bigger women to want me Have to be patience and read it > > I pull up into ur drive away and open the door , as > soon as I put one leg out of the car you are there > by the door and you get a glimpes of my pussy as I > turn and bring my other leg out, you give me your > hand and help me out of the car. The moment I see u > and u touch me a get dripping wet, I lean over and > give you a little peck on the lips, you tll me > hello, and I can begin to feel my juices sliding > down my upper inner thigh,since I have NO panties > on. A little nervous , by not being sure if this is > what you want , I reach down and clean my juices off > with my fingers. I bring them up to your lips and > slide them across, to let u have a little taste of > juices for the first time, See the buldge in ur > pants , i try to compose myself, and ask if you are > ready to leave, You state that you are and I hand > you the keys and walk over tot he passenager side , > Being the gentleman you are you follow and open my > door, But there is some CD on the seat that need to > be moved ( yes that part was planned) so I bend over > to retreive the items and put them in the back seat, > and of coruse when I do you see my ass and my pussy > sneaking out from under my skirt. But you are 2 > nervous to touch even though I am hoping you do, You > try to be gentleman and not touch , you help me in > car and shut my door, Walk over to the drivers side > and get in. I am think to myself, ( damn I want to > fuck him right here and now)As we pull out of the drive way, you look at me as I am wear a plaid short skirt , white blouse and a pr of suspenders and a pr of white tennis shoes. my hair is up and I have my glass on for the school teacher look. But of course no bra or panties. We drive to our destination of choice and I want so badly to touch you all over. Trying to control myself still, from your sexy ass, I can know longer do it. i reach over and kiss you and immediately go to your pants, i unbutton and unzipper them, I lower my head hoping you will not be upset with me, but I have got to have that cock, I wrap my wet lips right around it and slide my mouth all the way down to your balls, Tasting ur pre cum right away, you moan and grab my hair Pushing my head down all th way many times, as I suck you off , enjoying each and every moment, But it becomes to much for you so you have to pull over, Still sucking and licking you, you tell me you are about to explode so I stop, but just for a moment and ask ur premission to continue and swallow all ur cum. you tell me I better finish what I started and so I do as u command, sucking you hard and deep feeling the head of your cock hitting way down in my throat , you just explode with no warning and I begin to swallow and lap up every last drop of you, when I am finished I share a little taste with you as I kiss you passionately and then I say ok lets go to our destination We arrive at the Bar and enter the building, I am becoming more nervous now and it shows a little, My nipples are erect, and I can feel the wetness on my pussy and the taste of your cum still fills my mouth. We order a drink and talk for a bit, You introduce me to a few other friends, I want u to be proud to be with me, So I start to feel a little uncomfortable in my outfit, Asking you if I should go change, You say HELL NO, It makes me smile and feel better. Still wanting to fill ur cock in my pussy , I begin to move closer to you and talk sexual to u, Tell u how good you tasted as I turn towards you so only you can see up my skirt a bit. We have a few more drinks and you are having fun at the bar with friends but I want to go to the car or somewhere for a quick fuck, I ask you if you can go get my contacts out of my car. And of course you do. When you arrive at my car You cannot find my contacts , and I come out and tell you I have them in my purse, i just wanted you outside to fuck me here and now, And you do not hesitate. you unzip your pants and pull out ur cock and slid up my skirt right there, u look around and bend me over the car and slid ur cock deep in me, as I moan in pleasure with each and every stroke, We are in the middle of fucking good and hard when we have to suddenly stop because people start to arrive. We stop and enter the car and you slide ur fingers deep in me fucking me hard with all 4 fingers. and i know I am about to cum and tell u so you start to finger me harder and deeper and licking my pussy at the same time, lapping up every bit of my sweet white cream that I disbursed to u. Until I am clean as a whistle, u put ur cock back in your pants and tell me we will con't this later, We get out of the car and Start to go back into the bar when I notice you have white cream on chin. I grab ur face and lick it off of you and we re-enter the bar. Have a few drinks and party a little then be on our way until next time. Sweet Dreams each and every night to you all

about my fling

A freinds with benefits. And a drink or 2 to break the ice would be nice, Not looking to sleep with every Tom , Dick, and Harry. bUT AS YOU CAN SEE BY MY FANSTASY THERE IS A LITTLE ROMANCE IN THERE, EVERYGIRL NEEDS A LITTLE ROMANCE EVEN IF FOR JUST THE MOMENT UNTIL NEXT TIME