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How To Approach Taking And Sending Dick Pics

By: Cameron Willimson , February 14, 2023
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How To Approach Taking And Sending Dick Pics

Let’s be extremely honest – dick pics do not have the best reputation, and it truly does not have to be this way. Ideally, they’d be regarded more as foreplay than intrusive, vulgar or just plain ugly. However, there’s some work to do on your part if you want to send a high level dick pic that is received with appreciation. 


According to a 2017 YouGov survey, 27% of millennial men have sent a dick pic to a woman, and of those, nearly a quarter of them did it without asking. This could be part of the problem, because it’s not that some women don’t want them. In fact, 34% of men have been asked by a woman for a dick pic. 


However, the reality is 69% of women have received an unsolicited dick pic. So, it seems you’ll need to do the legwork that those that have sent dick pics before you have clearly overlooked.

How To Know If You Should Send A Dick Pic

First and foremost, the most obvious way to know if someone wants a dick pic from you is if they ask you for one. Then, you have the autonomy to decide whether or not you want to send them one. The key here is not to take their autonomy from receiving one.  


There are some times that you should also not even consider sending one. If it’s not someone you’ve ever actively sexted with, had sex with or even met in person, there is no reason for you to consider sending one. Dating apps are a little hairy too. Err on the side of caution, but there’s really no reason to send your dick to someone you just matched with unless they ask for one. (And even then, you can be a little more protective of sending your dick to total strangers.)

A dick pic is not an opening introduction, a pick up line or something you’d send to someone that you’ve had zero degrees of intimacy with. The single most important thing about dick pics is the ability to read the room and knowing that your recipient wants to receive it. If you are unsure or don’t know, the simplest thing to do is absolutely nothing. Don’t send the dick pic.

How To Ask For Consent

Before you come right out and ask to send a picture of your dick to someone, consider the intention. The intention behind dick pics is partially where they get their poor reputation from. Sending them without warning or consent is selfish and for you, not your recipient. 


Are you sending her a picture of your dick to show her its size? This is also about you. You’re looking for validation that it is sufficient, big or that it will satisfy her. Make it about giving and make it about her! Ideally, sending it should be about genuinely flirting and have zero to do with shock, surprise or pushing an agenda of yours on someone that isn’t reciprocating the energy. 


Consider the relationship first and foremost. Has she seen your dick in person and do you think she wants to see it again? Are you actively sleeping together? It’s much easier to gauge if someone wants to see a picture of your dick if they’ve already seen it and touched it, and you still want their consent.


If they haven’t, you’ll need to find a way to make sure they’re interested in receiving it. Sure, this may seem daunting, especially since it seems so many people are sending dick pics willy nilly, but rest assured, it’s not as hard as anyone is making it out to be. 


One way to ask is to make it about how your recipient makes you feel. Rather than wanting to show them your dick, ask if they want to see how horny, hard or happy they make you. This could also be phrased like, “Do you want to see what you do to me?”


You’ll want to avoid anything that makes it about them doing things to your dick or you receiving pleasure from them until you’ve established comfort around sexting and sending and receiving images. 


If she says no, or that she’d prefer to wait to see it in person, do not send it. This will also build the anticipation for the real thing, so take advantage and find other ways to sexy text without dropping your dick in the chat.

How To Take A Hot Dick Pic

Once you’ve established they’re down to see your dick, it’s time to compose the picture. You want this to be received excitedly, warmly and to be desired. What type of setting makes you feel desirable or puts you in the mood? Take the pic in that setting. 


Cold harsh bathroom lights, toilets and general messiness do not need to make an appearance in the photo. Perhaps consider lamp light rather than overhead light. It’s warmer and less harsh. 


According to the statistics, it seems some of you are ready to drop a dick pic for every occasion. There is sexiness in warming up to the whole package in her inbox. A bulge pic or one of your hard dick still in shorts, gray sweats or boxers can leave her wanting so much more, and maybe even lead her to want to see it IRL. 


Another common error is men take the photo according to their own point of view, like pointing down from their perspective to include hairy legs and toes. Try to send a pic from the perspective she’ll be seeing or experiencing it from. Get a little creative with the angles. This can be a mirror selfie, from the side or include a little lower abdomen or thighs. 


Don’t include objects for scale – put down the water bottle, ruler and remote control. It’s corny. You don’t need to be completely nude, but definitely don’t send one with only your shirt on. If you’re uncomfortable with your shirt off, crop the frame down and don’t include it. You want to feel great so you look good.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear men like to send dick pics, but let’s make sure the recipients like receiving them just as much. You can find all different types of people who will be happy to ask for a dick pic from you on Fling.com.

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