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How to Have BDE (Big Dick Energy)

By: Cameron Willimson , June 5, 2023
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How to Have BDE (Big Dick Energy)

BDE or big dick energy is a subtle confidence that you’d assume comes from having a big dick and knowing how to use it. Now, it’s very possible for someone to have a large penis and not have BDE as much as it’s possible to not have a huge dick and still have the aura.


What is BDE?

A big dick is not a prerequisite for big dick energy, because it is truly about the energy that one radiates. People with big dick energy are secure in themselves, naturally kind to others, unentitled, and effortlessly charismatic  – it’s all about knowing you got it (whatever it is) and not having to say it. They never need to talk about how big their dick is or how good they are in bed. People can see it and feel it. 


Acting from a place of hurt, having to resort to theatrics intentionally for attention, bullying or verbally punching down and anything that looks like toxic masculinity is not big dick energy. And, those with big dick energy don’t participate in metaphorical dick measuring contests.

How To Have Big Dick Energy

Big dick energy is not something you can fake for long. Without a certain level of security within your whole self, it’s just simply not in the cards for you. However, there’s plenty of work you can put into parts of yourself to reach that level of carefree confidence.

Build Confidence In Your Looks

Feeling good about your appearance is crucial for boosting confidence. Outside the obvious size of your dick (which is not something you can easily do anything about), there are plenty of ways to improve and/or accept your physical self. 


Good hygiene is the baseline. Always wash your hands when you come in from being outside and especially if you’re going to put your hands on a woman’s body. Not sure why this isn’t the norm, but it needs to be. Stop everything and wash those hands. 


Skincare is about more than just your face. Keep your body and face exfoliated and moisturized, and keep your hair and facial hair maintained and healthy. Throw out that five-in-one soap, and don’t forget the beard oil. 


In addition to keeping your pearly whites clean, consider a tongue scraper. Taking it the extra mile to pamper yourself feels good, and you will feel unstoppable when you really invest in your hygiene. 


Beyond self-care, eating a well-balanced diet will allow your body to function properly. You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of sweets or drinking alcohol, but you should be making sure you’re getting all the essentials and then practice moderation with everything else. 


Staying active will not only improve the way you look, but consistent exercise also boosts endorphins. You’ll feel happier and subsequently better about yourself. Whether it’s running regularly, lifting weights or simply consistently walking, movement is essential for your body and mind. Getting those in order will give you more reasons to feel good about yourself. 


Once you’re comfortable in your own skin, determining your personal style is a way where others can really see when you feel good about yourself. Thoughtfully putting on clothes that fit your body well without having to chase trends is a huge marker for BDE. Getting dressed well without your entire personality being centered on dressing well is essential.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence and IQ

Big dick energy is so much more than looking the part. You have to actually do inner and outer work to naturally give off this superior level of security. Big dick energy draws people to you without too much effort outside of being yourself. The thing is, your natural state of being has to be magnetic both in looks and in energy. 


Expand your intellectual horizons by diving into topics that interest you. Read books, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, and engage in stimulating conversations. Embrace lifelong learning, and don’t be afraid to share your opinions and ideas. Being intellectually confident is about having the courage to express yourself and embracing your unique perspective while being open to other perspectives and experiences. BDE is much more than just about a certain look and the assumed big dick. It’s more that those are just the tip of what’s attractive about you. 


It’s also about emotional resilience. Take care of your mental health by practicing mindfulness and self-care. Be self aware of your emotional capacity. Emotional regulation isn’t about repressing your feelings. It’s about acknowledging them, accepting them and moving or working through them. Don’t shy away from seeking support from loved ones or professionals if needed. Remember, a sound mind and a peaceful heart will help you radiate an energy that brings people to you.


Build Confidence In The Bedroom

The final piece to the puzzle is about your confidence in the bedroom. It’s so much more about knowing what you’re doing than the actual size of your penis. And, knowing what you’re doing does not include a little book of tricks that works for every partner. It’s about the effort you’re willing to put in to give pleasure and communicate what is pleasing for you. 


Educate yourself about the anatomy of your desired sex’s body, sexual health, techniques, how to communicate in the bedroom, and explore new ways to pleasure your partner.Communication is key here. Openly express your desires, needs, and boundaries with your partner, ensuring a safe and consensual experience for both of you. And, put in the work to establish and maintain an environment where they’ll share their desires, needs and boundaries with you. 


It’s not about lasting the longest or any other misguided marks of manliness. It’s about the effort you put into finding how you and your desires match up and can be met.  Leave your ego out of the bedroom (or whatever place you’re fucking in).


Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the meaning of big dick energy, you can start taking steps to boost your confidence and see how BDE attracts more people to you.  It takes time and effort to cultivate. Be patient with yourself, celebrate your successes, and embrace your unique qualities. When you believe in yourself, others will too. Sign up for fling.com and see how your big dick energy attracts better quality exchanges, dates and sex.

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