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34 yrs old
Strasburg, CO, US


19 yrs old
Liberal, KS, US

silverado county boy

29 yrs old
Garden City, KS, US


24 yrs old
Dodge City, KS, US

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Unknown Legend

33 yrs old
Cheyenne, OK, US


21 yrs old
Scott City, KS, US


36 yrs old
Pampa, TX, US

Chucky Cisco

23 yrs old
Hooker, OK, US

richard demars

18 yrs old
Raton, NM, US


20 yrs old
Raton, NM, US


36 yrs old
Stinnett, TX, US


22 yrs old
Cheyenne Wells, CO, US


25 yrs old
Fort Supply, OK, US

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23 yrs old
Pampa, TX, US

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34 yrs old
Borger, TX, US

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39 yrs old
Lakin, KS, US

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31 yrs old
Deerfield, KS, US

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