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11 Tips How to Get a Woman to Have Sex with You

By: Cameron Willimson , May 17, 2022
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Men want success. How to get a girl to have sex with you is a common question that arises in connection with the desire for success everywhere – at work, in self-realization and, of course, with women.

How to have sex with a girl, how to attract so much that she would want intimacy first? Follow our tips! And how to use them – just to find a girl at some best casual dating sites to have sex with her or, maybe, start a serious romance – is up to you.

How to Seduce a Girl - a Detailed Guide

Many representatives of the stronger sex, both young and middle-aged, want to be able to seduce girls elegantly. Someone in order to feel himself more confident, and someone in order to win the heart (and not only, of course) of that one and only girl. Here are some tips that will help you with seduction.

Do not Hurry

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes guys make when they think on how to get a girl to fuck is haste. Men are imposed on women, bombard them with messages, force events, already on the first date, pursuing a policy of “love, buy, fly, whatever you want …”. This behavior clearly conveys the desire to drag your partner into bed right now, immediately. This repels, creates a number of ideas about you in the girl: your main priority is sex.
Understand correctly: it is normal to get acquainted only in order to have sex with girls. You don’t always need a serious love affair. Girls are also only interested in sex.
However, the rules of the social game dictate: you must not let each other understand that only sex is needed. Because what is actually needed is not sexual release (otherwise your way out is masturbation). You need a feeling of being special, the feeling that an attractive partner likes you.
Hurrying, you break the rule, destroy the illusion. Perhaps you consider this approach business-like, sincere, but the girl considers you to be selfish, hurried, looking for an object of embodiment of sexual desires. Plus, girls are sure that such young men are bad lovers: hasty, selfish, striving to satisfy personal needs to the detriment of your partner. Therefore, slow down.

Be Attractive

“Women love with their ears” is a myth. Look in the comments under the photo of any handsome actor – you will see that through the eyes of a woman they also love. If you want to be liked, it is important to look good.
Beautiful clothes will emphasize attractiveness, show confidence, lack of shyness about appearance, the ability to emphasize strengths – qualities strongly associated with a good lover.

What will help to look attractive:

  • Analyze strengths, emphasize them with clothes.

Perhaps you have a dark skin – emphasize it with a white shirt. If you have a beautiful neck, collarbones – unbutton a couple of buttons, this looks damn sexy. In case you have beautiful wrists with protruding wreaths, strong muscles – roll up your sleeves.

  • Neatness.

Alas, there are people who need to be explained that armpit bushes are unpleasant to see for both sexes, socks are supposed to be changed daily, and mouth should smell good. Are you not like that? Congratulations, do not even think on how to get any girl to have sex with u

  • Comfort.

There are certain stereotypes of how a seductive, attractive man should look like: a formal suit, rolled-up shirt sleeves, careless stubble… It’s beautiful, of course, but if you feel so uncomfortable, choose another, comfortable one.

Of course, correlate with common sense: it is better to wear a suit for a meeting in an expensive restaurant, even if you are more comfortable in sweatpants. The main rule is neatness, relevance in a given situation, comfort.

Listen to a Woman

A common mistake: to fill the whole time of the conversation with yourself, not being interested in your partner. The bad news: this will not attract, but rather repel your girlfriend from you. Everyone is pleased when they are listened to. Women are no exception. Be an attentive conversationalist:

  • Practice active listening.

In this way you demonstrate to the interlocutor: you are interested, listen carefully. Do not break eye contact, react to the story with facial expressions. Insert cues confirming that you are listening: “Yeah”, “And then?” – demonstrate that you follow the course of the story, delve into, “live through” the situation.

  • Ask open-ended questions.

These are questions that require detailed argumentation, disclosure of thought. As a rule, they begin with the words “what”, “what”, “why”, “how”. Plus, by asking a woman, you will learn information for further seduction.

Life hack: this works especially well in case you think on how to get a woman to have sex with you if she is married: in marriage, women often experience emotional rejection when husbands do not listen. They are especially pleased to feel interested, which means it is easier to seduce.

Language of the Body

Only 15% of information about a person is read through words, the rest through gestures, body language, which transmits certain feelings from the person. With the right presentation, you will create in a woman the feeling of a self-confident, seductive, sexually attractive, interesting, intelligent person. For this:

  • Stay confident, relaxed. Straight and open posture (without crossed legs and arms), relaxed shoulders, slightly raised head – create a feeling of a person “at ease”, in control of the situation, and this is seductive.
  • Teach a woman to touch. At the stage of the first acquaintance, the main problem, if you want to transfer the acquaintance to a horizontal line, is how to move from small talk to more interesting activities. Light, unobtrusive touches help here. Gently touch your hand to draw the woman’s attention to something, touch her waist to direct her steps, take her arm, lightly touch her shoulder, lean closer to her while listening to her story – this will also demonstrate what you are interested in. Most importantly: act delicately, slowly, unobtrusively.

Create an Atmosphere

If you are thinking on how to make a girl have sex with you, do not take you somewhere where a flea market, McDonald’s, people looking for a free table and the smell of cheap hamburgers are, as it is hard to seduce a girl in such atmosphere. It is much easier to do this if you are in the intimate twilight of pleasant solitude; quiet, soft music plays in the background, candles are lit, and it looks like the two of you are only in the whole world. Invite the woman to the right places. There is nothing more seductive than a man who works so hard for you.

Tell Compliments

Everyone loves compliments, and women do too. This is pleasant, increases self-esteem, helps to feel special, shows that you care about the interlocutor, that you are interested in her as a woman, find her attractive.
Compliments are always a win-win strategy. But it is important not to compliment only on appearance, and do not allow compliments with obvious sexual overtones in the first meetings – this will give the woman the impression that you are a sexually horny, unpleasant type. Be sincere. There is no need to come up with intricate phrases, keep the compliments simple, but reflect what you really think.

Control the Situation

To seduce a woman, you need to create a comfortable environment for her, a feeling that you sincerely want her to feel good, calm, comfortable, confident next to you. To do this, it is very important to observe that the interlocutor is really comfortable in order to correct her behavior in time: if she is bored – tell jokes, be cheerful and get interest her.

Watch out for signs:

  • The woman looks away, answers inappropriately, is absent-minded, does not comment on your story otherwise than “mmm, I understand,” looks at the phone, to the side, which means she is bored. Change the subject, say, “I think I got carried away. Tell me about yourself?” – this will instantly charm the interlocutor, showing attention to her.
  • She keeps looking into her eyes, smiles, nods, leaned forward to be closer, knees and feet turned in your direction, blushed, her eyes sparkle – it means that everything is fine, continue in the same spirit, the temptation is working, the desired is close.
  • If a woman asked to stop the topic, said that she was uncomfortable, not interested, she did not want to argue – stop, do not press, do not continue the conversation. Be sensitive to the wishes of the interlocutor. In the near future, it will pay off with something more enjoyable.

Find a Balance

In general, the essence of communication on a date is to find a balance between extremes. Be confident, but not boastful, interested, but not intrusive, listen, but do not be silent all the time, talk about yourself, but do not dominate the conversation, joke, but do not be a clown.
Any of these extremes makes you unattractive, leaving the girl feeling “selfish”, “stuck, insecure”, “cold, uninterested”, “maniac”, “silent, nothing to talk about”, “talker”, “boring”, ” clown”. Maneuver, stay in the golden mean.

Give Gifts

Coming with an expensive gift on a first date is a bad idea: by doing this you will put the girl in an awkward position, she will involuntarily ask herself the question “what will he want for this”. Give maximum a bouquet of flowers or 1 beautiful rosette on a long stem, this is quite appropriate and will show you as a gentleman.
But if the meeting is not the first, you have already gone on a date several times or were friends before, the gift should be appropriate if you are really into how to make a girl want to have sex. It must demonstrate attention, so remember stories about hobbies, interests, needs. Forget about a gift in the spirit of “all girls love perfume”!

She is Special

Every girl wants to feel special, even if the purpose of the date is a one-time quickie. Create this feeling for her, and she will quickly want to be in the same bed with you.
Try to fall in love for a while if you are not truly in love. Show interest, attention, say how and why you like her, look with a loving look – this is seductive.

Keep in Touch

Women do not like it when a man was attentive, courteous, sensitive on a date, but as soon as they parted, he behaves as if there was nothing between them, no attention, messages, as if he completely forgot about her until the next meeting.

This begs the question: why is that? Didn’t he like me? He doesn’t think about me, is he indifferent to me? And this is repulsive. Do not allow this, envelop a woman with attention even at a distance.

For example:

  • Write what you think about her, wait for a new date, remember the previous one;
  • Wish good morning and good night;
  • Drop jokes;
  • Put the likes on the photos! This is also part of the courtship, so you make it clear that you like a woman.
  • Throw off cute photos with the caption “reminded you”, “reminded us”;
  • Discuss your next date with her to increase anticipation.

Important: you should not overdo it. All good things should be in moderation. Play “near-far” so that she has time to miss you, think about you, but don’t disappear for good, let’s know about your person in time.

Final Thoughts

Here are some of the basic ways to get a girl to have sex with you. Seduction is an art. It is impossible to learn it in a day, moreover, misses happen to the most seasoned pick-up artists. If you do not have a girl to practice them, you can always try a dating site Fling.com where a great number of ladies will be glad to join your experiments. If you play quietly and safely, you could be in bed with your fantasy girl in a couple of weeks!

Ready to start using the tips? Girls are waiting for you here!
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